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Hot Shot deliveries, from LTL and F/T loads to a large piece of construction or other mechanical equipment, our Houston based trucking and flatbed freight shipping company can haul heavy equipment from the origination point to the destination quickly and safely.

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III’s Houston Hot Shot Trucking & Freight Shipping Company offers quick turnaround times and competitive pricing

Hot Shot in Houston has a flatbed trailer pickup available for freight shipping and live-load when you need a quick turnaround. We can also drop off and pick up a trailer for you to load on your own timeframe.

III’s Houston Hot Shot Trucking Company can also handle your Heavy equipment hauls and loads. Some examples of what we move are backhoes, ditch diggers, earth movers, cranes and generators.

Our team can provide accurate and competitive pricing for your national or Houston area heavy equipment hauling, freight shipping, and other truckingĀ needs. Our quote will depend on the size, type of the load, origin, mileage and any special handling requirements. Quoting LTL, Truckload and Heavy Equipment depends on the size, weight, origin, destination and any special handling required.

Since every load is different we will gather the details and provide best price to move your freight or heavy equipment in Houston or across the US.

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Houston-based Hot Shot Trucking Company & Delivery Service

Our freight professionals are knowledgeable and experienced. Insured and bonded, we are the area’s best shipping alternative for your high-valued goods, mailing and equipment. We pickup and deliver freight to and from your destination.

We can arrange for professional packaging, crating and pallet services for your business at discount prices.

Our freight shipping and trucking professionals in Houston are here to assist you 24/7 with the entire shipping process. Let us know what you need to deliver, the origin and destination, and when you need your shipment to take place. We’ll take care of everything else.

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